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Q:What are your main products?

Aspen markets a wide range of products in the healthcare area, including eye drops, pain relief, cough & cold, gastrointestinal, natural health care and skin care. Please refer to Skin Care, Body, Pain Relief, Eye Care, Female Health, Natural Health, Gastro Intestinal, Cough, Cold & Allergy and Heart Health sections of the website for specific information on our products.

Q:Where do I go if I have a question about your products?

The products section of the website includes a list of frequently asked questions about our brands. You are also welcome to email us your product related question.

Q:Can you supply me with a list of products that are gluten free and lactose free?

Click here to obtain a list of these products.

Q:How do I give feedback about one of your products?

Please email your question or phone us on the relevant number listed on the Contact Us Page.

Q:My business requires a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) what should I do?

The quickest way to receive your MSDS is via email so, if possible, please leave an email address and specify the exact product of interest.

Q:Where can I obtain more information on your company?

For information about our Australian operations please refer to Our Company section of the website. Our company in South Africa has a website with extensive information on the Company's history and the products marketed in that country which you can access at

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